Updates from the Conference Board of Laity

As your Conference Board of Laity, we want to communicate directly with you via a letter or video every few weeks.  We rely on you, local church Lay Leaders and Lay Members of Annual Conference, to share these communications with all your church members.  We will address current issues, spiritual growth, leadership and equipping topics to encourage dialogue among church members, point you to upcoming events and available resources, and highlight Wisconsin Conference themes and emphases for ministry.  We hope you will find these helpful to keep abreast of what is of interest to church members in the Wisconsin Conference, the districts and The United Methodist Church.


  • February 2021 Resources from the Board
  • February 2021 - Video - "Priesthood of Believers and Virtual Body of Christ" 
  • December 8, 2020 - "God calls us to care for one another during this pandemic that has taken the lives of so many people and profoundly altered the lives of people everywhere. The season of pandemic does not excuse us from being aware and supportive of our neighbors, pastors serving our churches, and families with a family member isolated in a health care facility or assisted living facility..."  READ MORE