Why do we need to assess?

Clergy effectiveness is critically important for congregational health and growth. Being effective means accomplishing a purpose or producing the intended results, when plans are made; goals set; strategies developed; and outcomes listed.

Paragraph 350 from The Book of Discipline 2008 states: Evaluation—Evaluation is a continuous process for formation in servant ministry and servant leadership that must take place in a spirit of understanding and acceptance. Evaluation serves as a process for pastors to assess their effectiveness in ministry and to discern God's call to continue in ordained ministry.

The Book of Discipline also identifies the Cabinet, the Board of Ordained Ministry, the District Superintendent, and the Staff/Parish Relations Committee as partners-in-collaborative ministry in the process of evaluation or assessment or review.

How do you do it?

We have gathered a number of tools, resources, and models that are posted below for use in collaboration with your S/PPRC. These are provided as a starting point. Use those that are most helpful for your particular appointment and congregation. You are also encouraged to customize them or design your own tools as well. We want you to use what is most effective for your clergy self-assessment and SPRC assessment. Be sure to have open conversation, prayer and reflection with the collective leadership of your SPRC about the purpose and the outcome of your assessment process. The intent is not to share with anyone beyond your SPRC team. Our hope is that it will enhance the fruitfulness of your pastoral ministry leadership as well as the health and growth of your congregation.

What do you do with the results?

Our hope is that you will discuss the results and celebrate your strengths. Address weaknesses constructively with goal-setting and action plans. The resources can also be lifted up at Circuit Clergy Gatherings to develop a model for the entire circuit.

Call if you need help!

Please contact your District Superintendent if you have questions. We hope and pray that your ministry of pastoral leadership will be greatly blessed by these resources.

Clergy Assessment Resources

Note: The following are provided as fillable Microsoft Word (.doc) documents. To complete a form, simply open it in Word, click an appropriate field and enter text. You can save (and print) your changes, but you cannot change the original text of these documents.