Rethink ChurchWhat if church was a way of life, rather than simply a place to go on Sundays? That’s what rethinking church is all about. Find out how to ready your congregation to redefine the church experience beyond the church doors and invite people to become engaged in the world.

RethinkChurch provides United Methodist Churches with ideas, resources, and support in finding new ways to show kindness, acceptance, and hospitality to guests and members alike.

How can we RethinkChurch as an out-of-building 365 days-a-year experience? How can we help others to find a spiritual journey to call their own? By showing that there isn't just one door into the church, but thousands of doors through which a person can become engaged.

RethinkChurch calls us to explore new ways to reach today's seekers (especially young adult seekers) through media relevant to their day and culture. As Christ found the right format for the sharing the message of God's Kingdom, so we believe that rethinking church for an audience living in a digital, on demand world will help us make disciples of a new generation. RethinkChurch is not another program, but hopefully will become a movement that would make Jesus proud.

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