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The Launch Out! Fundraising Campaign is an investment into our future to create faith-raising opportunities that will reach people in new ways, in new places, and in new ministries. Through developing leaders, empowering congregations, and broadening mercy and justice ministries, we will make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. With inspiration from Luke 5: 1-11, we are launching out from the shore into the deep, deep waters to build a future for our children, our grandchildren and their children. Launch Out! is a fundraising campaign; but it’s not for the next year or the next two years: it’s about the future. It won’t be easy, but it will net us big dividends.

The resolution to authorize the Launch Out! fundraising campaign was approved at the 2018 Annual Conference. Watch the Annual Conference presentation here.

Leadership Development is the Key

As we launch out, our focus is on leadership development for laity and clergy. This is the key to effective mission and ministry and is included in each of the priorities:

  • Revitalization of existing congregations that desire life and growth;
  • New faith communities to reach those who don’t currently relate to our existing congregations and ministries; and
  • Mercy and justice ministries as collaborative opportunities in every community.

It Started with Make A New Wisconsin

As you may remember, the Make A New Wisconsin Task Force conducted a year-long feasibility study for a major fundraising campaign that was presented at the 2017 Annual Conference. A second phase of the study was authorized, which involved the initial steps required to develop a fundraising campaign. The campaign was approved at the 2018 Annual Conference The Launch Out! team includes:

  • Laura Barry (leader)
  • Tina Itson
  • Allie Scott
  • Steve Scott
  • Amanda Stein
  • Tamara Wims
  • Bill White
  • Peace Kim

Review Our Resources

We have created a variety of resources for you to help you understand and promote Launch Out! Please use these downloads.

If you have any questions or needs, contact Launch Out! Project Manager Brittanie Wilczak at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..