Mother with sick child from malariaMalaria is a chronic problem. Entire countries of people can’t operate at full capacity because adults are too sick to work and children are too sick to go to school. Malaria currently kills an estimated 627,000 people each year. That is the equivalent of eight Lambeau Fields at full capacity every single year. But this is a fight we can win.

For nearly two centuries, the people of The United Methodist Church have been working with our brothers and sisters in Africa. Through our extensive network of over 300 United Methodist health clinics, hospitals, and churches, The United Methodist Church has a first-hand look at how Africa is affected by malaria and can reach into the remote parts of Africa, where healthcare and treatment are needed most. Because of this, The United Methodist Church is one of the global leaders in the fight to beat malaria and, alongside our partners in this effort, we have successfully cut the death rate from malaria in half within just the last eight years.

Building on the success of Nothing But Nets, a more comprehensive program to fight malaria was introduced in 2008. This initiative, called Imagine No Malaria, is the extraordinary effort of The United Methodist Church to raise $75 million by 2015 to end deaths and suffering from malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa. This life-saving campaign goes one step further than Nothing But Nets, supporting a holistic community development strategy for a sustainable victory over malaria.

This program is putting Faith in Action, and the people of The United Methodist Church have responded in an incredible way. To date, over $65 million has been raised toward our denominational goal - $40 million of which was raised in just the last year and a half alone. We’ve made incredible change, and we aren’t done yet.