Weekly Devotion for August 28, 2023

Weekly Devotion for August 28, 2023
By Scott Carlson


When the Lord saw that Moses had turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, ‘Moses, Moses!’ and Moses said, ‘Here I am.’ Exodus 3:5).

Have you ever wondered who was going to solve a problem that was so obvious to you? I think when we see a problem before us, a challenge before us, and we feel a burning that this challenge has to be addressed, somehow! I believe this is the seed that God uses to tap us on the shoulder. This tap is the calling that God gives to us.

What are the passions and desires you have? How are you living that out? How are you responding to God’s call in your life?

Moses heard God’s call to lead the people out of Egypt, out of slavery. He heard the call. But he had his doubts and his fears. Do you know what that is like?

There was once a church in a changing neighborhood, that was getting older. They really weren’t reaching people from the neighborhood anymore. For a while, the pastor was speaking about the importance of inviting new people to experience the love of God through the love of that congregation. Finally, one weekend, Ruth felt challenged and touched to invite someone new, someone younger to the church. But she didn’t know how to do it. And she was afraid.

She started praying about who God wanted her to invite. She would sit on her front porch looking around the neighborhood and praying. One day, she focused on the teenagers who gathered on the street almost every afternoon with their skateboards in front of her house.

She at first thought, “Oh God, no. I don’t even know how to speak to these youth.”

Then an idea came to her. She loved to bake. So the next afternoon, she baked some cookies. She took the cookies to the youth that had gathered and asked if they would like some.

Well, they quickly ate the cookies, thanking her for the treats. Soon, she was regularly baking cookies and treats and sharing them with these teens. And the most remarkable thing started to happen. She started to get to know these youth. She discovered that some of them weren’t doing well in school.

She went to her pastor, and they actually opened up a room in the church where anyone who wanted could come, with the help of a mentor, and study (and receive some of Ruth’s baked goods). In time, between 20 and 30 youth started gathering regularly at “Ruth’s Place,” which is what this new ministry was called.

Families even started to attend and join this church because of this outreach. All because one person chose to pray and listen and put her talents and passions into play for God and God’s kingdom. God called Ruth. God called Moses. God has called me. God has called you. Are you willing to say yes to God?

Loving God, thank you for calling people into ministry. There are so many needs in our world. Help us to learn how to become your hands and your feet. Teach us to let your love and grace flow through us to touch this world. In the hope that Jesus offers us. Amen.