Daily Devotion for May 12, 2020

“The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.*” (John 1:9)

Throughout my life, I have found great comfort and inspiration from the Quaker concept of the Inward Light.  We have many names for God and for Jesus the Christ, but this concept, based on John 1:9, is so simple, yet so significant and powerful.  The Inward Light is Christ, present in each one of us, shining in us and through us to dispel darkness wherever it is found.  The many darknesses we encounter in life sometimes seem impenetrable, but as long as the light of Christ is with us and within us, there is no darkness in creation that can put it out. 

We are living through some truly dark days.  People are suffering, people are grieving, people are worried and anxious.  People are struggling to stay hopeful and positive.  It is easy to feel lost in the shadows, but we are a people of the light.  As difficult as it might be, pray that God might shine brightly within you, so that you might reflect God’s light to others who struggle with the dark.

God of life and light and hope, shine brightly in our hearts and minds. Dispel the clouds of darkness in our own lives that we might offer a ray of divine light to others.  Let us not lose hope but remember that the Inward Light of Christ shines in us all.  Amen.