Daily Devotion for December 23, 2020

She gave birth to her firstborn Child, a Son, wrapped Him snuggly, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the guest room. Luke 2: 7 (Common English Bible).

As we draw closer to celebrating the birth of Jesus, I cannot help but reflect on the birth of my own children. I distinctly remember the moment when I first held each one of them as they were wrapped snuggly, and the joy that filled my heart. I gazed into each one’s face, unable to comprehend the amount of love and awe that overflowed from my very being. And, in this moment, I realized that my life would never be the same - nor would I want it to be any different.

Today, I reflect on the Baby born in Bethlehem, Jesus the Christ. While I am not physically holding Baby Jesus in my arms, He has entered my heart and changed my life forever. I am no longer the same. His birth is my transformation and what joy fills my soul!

The invitation is open to us all. Welcoming the Christ-child into our open hearts and arms is indeed a life changer. I offer up this prayer, entitled, “Christ Born in a Stable Prayer.”

Christ born in a stable is born in me. Christ accepted by shepherds accepts me. Christ receiving the wise ones receives me. Christ revealed to the nations be revealed in me. Christ grant that people may look at me and see Your Presence. Amen. (author unknown).

May this devotion provide you with a moment of faithful reflection and care. You are involved in ministries of justice and witness, in ministries of standing up and standing with people working to create better systems and communities, in ministries of learning and searching and researching to become more aware and awakened, more technologically savvy and proficient, more virtually and personally present in your churches and communities and world. Each of us who serve as members of your Wisconsin Cabinet write these devotions in grateful prayer for you – for sustenance and buoyancy, for strength and courage, for safety and just actions, and for faith and love to be full and fulfilled in your daily lives. God’s grace and blessings, God’s challenge and healthy discomfort, God’s Spirit and energy be with you, in the hope Christ offers us all.