Daily Devotion for April 1, 2020

Keep Calm and Look Inside/Do the Next Right Thing     

By Sarah Sneider

My husband and I don’t have a toilet paper holder in our guest bathroom.  Instead, Rich found the above saying, made it into a small sign and taped it to the door of the vanity. First time users of this bathroom usually laugh as they realize they are not without the valuable TP resource.  They just need to stay calm, open the door, look inside and they will find what they seek.

Since I’ve been working at home, I see this sign more frequently and I’ve started to use it as a mantra.  There are so many questions facing us each day, many we have never dealt with before, yet our positions call us to make decisions and take action.  How do we do this as worries, new situations and working in a different environment are part of our new normal?

I’ve found more than once that the answer is to Keep Calm, look inside and draw from experience.  Each of us has lived a life full of experiences – some happy, some sad, some successful projects and some “valuable learning experiences” (my mom’s term for painful failures).  And we have been given gifts from God that make us the unique individuals that we are.  At this time and this place in our lives and in the world, we are called to Keep Calm and Look Inside and draw on those talents and experiences to make the best decision and take a step to Do the Next Right Thing.  For those who are fans of “The Good Place”, this was a saying of Eleanor Shellstrop.  For fans of Frozen, it’s also a song sung by Anna – “The Next Right Thing”.  It’s also a title of a book by Roger Thompson. It appears that many have faced the situation of having to make difficult decisions and have felt lost, without enough knowledge, or too much data, but yet, they needed to go on.  And so must we.

Take time today to Keep Calm, Look Inside, and Do the Next Right Thing.  God Bless you in your day.