Daily Devotion for April 23, 2021

Weave Anew

“When our violent lust for power ends in lives abused and torn, from compassion’s sturdy fabric fashion hope and trust reborn.  Where injustice rules as tyrant, give us courage, God, to dare to live our dreams of transformation.  Make our lives incarnate prayer.”*
I love the third verse from the song Restless Weaver* quoted above. 
On May 25, 2020 with the death of George Floyd we were exposed to the brutal reality that too many of our brothers and sisters face on a daily basis in this country. This can no longer be acceptable.
I am not the only one saying this.  And I am sorry for not saying it often enough.
It is not only professional athletes who are told to “stick to sports”.  As a clergy person, I have certainly been told to “don’t get too political, stick to the Bible.”  I get it. 
But that type of thinking ignores the very story of the God who comes to save us.  The God we follow is the one who came to rescue Hebrew slaves and lead them to the promised land.  The God we follow is the one who spoke through the prophets to condemn a society that ignored its most vulnerable, treating them as if they were nothing.  The stories of our God caring for the least, the last and the lost, go on.
As people of God, let us find a way to make our lives an incarnate prayer, where God lives in us and moves through us, so that through our living, God can be seen again, speaking for justice, working for wholeness in the midst of brokenness.  May God give us the courage needed for this day, to face the challenges that are before us.
Lord, let your compassion’s sturdy fabric fashion anew in us hope, so we can help trust to be reborn for all.  Give us courage to dare to live into dreams of transformation for our world, where every person is valued.  In the hope Jesus offers us, Amen.
*Restless Weaver; O.I. Cricket Harrison (1988, rev. 1993) Tune: Beach Spring