Daily Devotion for February 3, 2021

I will thank You, Lord, with all my heart; I will talk about all Your wonderful acts. I will celebrate and rejoice in You; I will sing praises to Your name, Most High. 
(Psalm 9: 1-2)

As I was eating a delightfully juicy orange, I paused and really looked at it. I was amazed by how beautiful this piece of fruit was and how wonderful it tasted. I then stopped and said a prayer of thankfulness to God for this wonderful orange, God’s creativity in making this fruit, and all that went into my being able to purchase it to eat.

As I finished up my snack, I thought about how often do I just eat and not really pay attention to what I am eating? How many times have not paused in gratitude for the blessing of the moment? If I am learning anything during this pandemic, it is the necessity to pause.

It is in this pause that I express gratitude. I embrace the joy or sorrow of the moment. I connect to the Almighty and to those around me. It is the very point of table of grace, praying before we eat. Pausing to thank God for all that we have and are; to invite God into this moment with us; and to appreciate those that provide our food as well as those we break bread with at our meal.

I hope you will pause, especially before eating. May this simple table grace written by John Cennick, a follower of the Wesleys, be your connection to God, “Be present at our table Lord. Be here and everywhere adored. These mercies bless and grant that we may feast in paradise with Thee.” Amen!