Daily Devotion for July 6, 2021


Too Easily Distracted

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”                                                                              (Psalm 73:26)
            I am having one of those ADD days.  You know, the type of day where it is really hard to focus on getting something done.  I feel easily distracted.  Debbie and I joke at home, when we are having one of these days by saying, “Oh, look! A squirrel!” 
            Sometimes it is really nice to have one of these days.  Other times, like today, it is not convenient to have a day such as this.  Even though I have worked hard this week, there is still more to be done.  There are things to write.  There is reading and research to do for that writing.  There are letters to be done.  There are phone calls to make.  There are people to connect up with.  It would be really nice to not be quite so distracted by the laughter down the hall (I wonder what I am missing?).
            Maybe, being distracted is really an invitation?
            After days and days of focus, maybe being distracted is God’s way of inviting me to open up my eyes to the life and the world that is all around me.  Maybe it is God’s way of reminding me that there are gifts of people and relationships waiting to be developed and enjoyed.
            Many of you know that each day I go to the local Athletic Club to work out.  I go at almost the same time each day.  I go with a purpose and a focus.  I go to work out and to read the newspaper or a book while I work out.  I slap on my ear phones and get started, focusing on exercising.
            The irony is that I do it in isolation, surrounded by almost the same people each day.  We say hello to each other and smile at each other.  But often not much more than that.
            A couple of days ago, one of my fellow exercise friends came up and introduced himself to me.  We exchanged greetings and started learning about each other’s families while we exercised.  The next day the conversation continued by learning more about each other and what we do and where we came from.
            At several points he said, “I am so sorry I am distracting you.  I am so sorry I am taking you away from your reading.”
            I just said, “No problem.  I am enjoying getting to know you.”
            In reality, I learned a long time ago that often, in the midst of my being distracted, that God will show up and surprise me in times such as this.  A friend of mine calls them God sightings. 
            I have no doubt, that in the midst of this new friendship, that God is present, that God is at work.  I don’t quite know how.  But I am not going to worry about that.  I know that often in the midst of my distractions, God shows up and for that I am grateful.
            The next time you are distracted, ask yourself, where is God showing up here?  Where can I see God in this moment?  How can I delight in the life I have been given on this day?
            May we find ways to be delightfully distracted by God on this beautiful summer day.
            Loving God, thank you for getting our attention when we need to be distracted.  This has been such a challenging year.  Give us the courage we need to face each day.  Give us the laughter we need to encourage us.  Give us the friendships and community we need that sustain us and help us become who you need us to become.  In the hope Jesus offers us, Amen.