Daily Devotion and Prayer - August 24, 2021


Praise God!

Out of our busy lives, we pause a moment to give thanks and praise to God. Several people responded to my invitation to add their praises to Psalm 148. Here are their contributions.
Psalm 148:1-2, with additions:

Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
   Praise God in the heights!
Praise the Lord all you angels;
   Praise God, all you heavenly host!       

Praise God for the sparkle of a smile;
    Praise God to the warmth of a hug!
Praise God for all volunteers
   who help those less fortunate than themselves!
Praise God for the tranquil morning sun inviting the neighborhood to connect with one another.
    Praise God for caregivers who restore wholeness as they help others live life more fully.
Praise God for young children that are leading their families to a vaccine that could save many;
    Praise God!
Praise God for compassionate hearts and hands that reach out to those who grieve;
    Praise God for loving family and friends who lift us up and bring us joy!
Praise God for those who are as children;
    Praise God for the diversity!
Praise God the Father for this day of life;
   Praise God, Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for the love and blessings that you provide!
Praise God for a place to come home to;
   Praise God for family!
Praise God with hope and faithfulness;
   Praise God with prayer and thanksgiving!
Praise God with our hearts and minds;
   Praise God with our care and love shared freely and fully!
Thank you God, for the gift of this day. In this day, as we serve you, may we keep aware of the ways you touch our lives with sparkles of joy and hope. We hold those who are suffering, who are grieving, who are struggling in our prayers and care. May our actions be filled with your Spirit of grace and justice. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.