Daily Devotion and Prayer - August 17, 2021


Collaborative Community Psalm of Praise and Hope   

At a Wisconsin Council of Churches board meeting, I led the devotion time. I believe that in this multiple-pandemic time of stress, of progression and regression, of hope and frustration, it is important to remember that God is present through it all, and to offer praise with hope to God as the psalmist did. Psalm 148 is a psalm prayer of praise even in the midst of challenging times. I invited those attending the board meeting to spontaneously add their own two lines of praise with hope onto the first two verses of the scriptural Psalm 148. This is the Psalm we spoke to one another and to God.
Psalm 148:1-2, with additions:
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord from the heavens;
   Praise God in the heights!
Praise the Lord all you angels;
   Praise God, all you heavenly host!                                      
Praise God with song and dance;
   Praise God with actions for justice and hope!
Praise God for the wisdom of medical personnel;
   Praise God for patience throughout Covid!
Praise God for beautiful masks that invite care for one another;
   Praise God for multiple ways of gathering!
Let us praise the name of the LORD for amazing grace!
Praise God for the sun and the rain;
   Praise her for the abundance of wildlife which goes on even in the midst of the pandemic!
Praise God with shouts of alleluia;
   Praise God for seasonal weather through these trying times of drought and flood!
Praise God for the gift of your church;
   Praise God for all of those who are responding to the call to receive the covid vaccine!
Praise God for the peoples who lived here before us and who live here now;
   Praise God for their wisdom!
Praise God for the sun that rises each morning;
for the new day to share God’s love in the world;
   Praise God for the promise of tomorrow; for hope that will not disappoint!
Praise God for the scriptures and the hope that is bringing new life;
   Praise god for the people who bring hope to the world!
Praise God for the saints among us;
   Praise God for the saints we’ve met on this journey!
Praise God for the curiosity of children;
   Praise God for the laughter of babies!
Praise God for bread broken and life poured out;
   Praise God for the beggar at the beautiful gate inviting us to see!
In prayer, you are invited to add your own two lines of praise to this Psalm. If you are willing, write them down and send them to Sue at sdalessio@wisconsinumc.org
If we receive further lines, we will post them as an extension of this collaborative Psalm.