You Are Invited To Sponsor A Local Church In Bolivia

With a small donation we can transform the lives of our neighbors near and far. Local churches in the Bolivian Evangelical Methodist Church are facing difficult times due to the pandemic, post-pandemic effects, inflation, and rural needs.

Bishop Huanca hopes that some of the churches in the WI Conference will sponsor a local church in Bolivia for one to two years. In Bolivia, Bishop Huanca listed eight local churches that are praying for a church in WI that might be ready to answer God's call. The goal is to build relationships, pray for each other, and learn and communicate with people from different cultures. 

Local churches in WI could assist local churches in Bolivia with minor projects like:

  • Instruments- guitar, bass, and drums for worship 
  • Mattresses, chairs, plates, a kitchen stove, chairs for the sanctuary, etc.

One of the first churches to support a church in Bolivia was Elkhorn FUMC. Thanks to the support of this congregation, the rural church in Bolivia is constructing a new church at the Zamora Location.

Watch Video: Bolivia Project Update

For questions, please contact Rev. Anita Lang at