Wisconsin UM Camps Prepare Giving Tuesday Campaign to Support Camper Scholarships

The annual Giving Tuesday campaign is on November 30th and is an opportunity to unite around one day of giving and one BIG project. Past projects have included running water and restroom facilities at the Centennial Chapel at Lake Lucerne; a remodel of the roof and additional facility upgrades to Amphlett Hall at Pine Like; and the construction of the climbing tower and zip-line at Lake Lucerne.

For 2021, we will be raising funds for our summer camp scholarship fund. This fund is utilized to make sure camp is affordable for as many people as possible. We desire that anyone who wants or needs to have time away with a camp experience will have that opportunity regardless of economic status. We already have matching donors ready to encourage giving this year and if you or your church would like to consider being a large donor ($500 or more), please email Nick Coenen (ncoenen@wisconsinumc.org) before the event so we can encourage additional giving through your generosity as well!

This past summer, over $14,000 was given to camper families to make sure they could afford a camp experience. We anticipate similar or greater need again this summer as economic situations for many families remain tight. Please partner with us on November 30th as we work to make sure every child, young adult, adult, and family who wants to come to camp this summer can gather around the campfire with us!
On Giving Tuesday, head to our donor page (https://wiumcamps.campbraingiving.com/) to make a donation and watch our camp Facebook pages for updates on our progress throughout the day!