WI Conference Partnership With The Evangelical Methodist Church In Bolivia

Leaders from NATIONAL FEFENE (Methodist Women's Federation) have been gathering together and giving a testimony of the support from the WI Conference through the partnership between the WI Conference and the Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia.

"It was a pleasure to share these activities with all the sisters in Christ at our Evangelical Methodist Church." - Sister Lidia Huallpa, Coordinator of District El Alto

"We are always grateful to GOD for life and the time that allows us to conduct these workshops in each district." - Sister Catalina Ticona, Coordinator of District Lago

"We learn confectionery, weaving, and sewing in these workshops. We will share what we have learned with the sisters of the local churches." - Sister Jenny Jamillo, Coordinator of District Altiplano Central

As the WI Conference, we are committed to continuing our work on this project. Our goal is to acquire at least 40 sewing machines to support our sisters in Bolivia. To achieve this, we kindly ask for the support of you and your local church. Your contributions and assistance will make a significant difference in empowering women in Bolivia through these sewing machines. Together, we can make a positive impact on their lives and communities. Thank you for being part of this important endeavor. For any questions, please contact Rev. Anita Lang at anitalang130@gmail.com. Click here to view more photos Click here to donate to Bolivia - Sewing Machine Project