WI Conference Finance Information: Wisconsin Sales Tax Exempt New 15 digit Number Effective 7/1/22

The state Department of Revenue sent out letters a year ago to organizations that had a current sales tax exempt number, asking if you were still an active organization and wanted to have a new sales tax exempt number.  We were then issued a new 15 digit number to replace our very old 4 digit number that the Conference had since 1964.  Many churches must have missed this notice, and have been asking what to do.  You will need to complete a new form S-103 to get your new number.  This is a simple form and can be done online.   Here’s a link to the Q&A about this:  DOR Nonprofit Organizations and Government Units - Certificate of Exempt Status (wi.gov)

Here’s one of the questions that explains what is happening as of 7/1:

Here's how to apply for it:

I would recommend  completing the Form S-103 (you can click on the form number above).  Include a copy of your old number to help them verify.  You can say you missed the original form last year.  If you have additional questions, there is a chat function on the Department of Revenue page.