What is “Connectional Ministry?”- By Pastor Lynne Hines-Levy

I have often wondered just what “connectional ministry” actually entailed, and I finally started asking the question. What I found was that I was far from alone in my confusion. In fact, I found a lot of “I think it might be’s” and “I guess it is’s”, all accompanied by crinkled foreheads as others realized that they really had no clue, either. So, I took a long, hard look around me and found what I was looking for “in my own back yard” (as they say).

At Summerfield UMC in Milwaukee, I found that we are at the hub of “connectional ministry.”... The problem is, given our tiny congregation, the increasing need for food for our neighbors on the street, and the loss of volunteers due to changes following the pandemic and varying individual reasons, right this minute we are threatened with the need to close at least 1 of our 3 days of service.  This will adversely impact the lives of 40-70 people on Milwaukee’s east side; some for whom this will be 1 of the 3 meals they have in any given week.

If you or your ministry are interested or willing to give of your time and talents by providing and/or serving at our meal program, we serve Monday & Wednesday from noon to 2:00, and Saturday from 3:30-5:30. Just give a call 414-272-2610 and we, too, can connect…
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