Waupaca Summer Music Concert

The First church in Waupaca had a summer music concert on August 21st. The concert was intended to serve our community and to support the mission of our church through wonderful music. A choir named Waupaca Summer Choir was organized from all three churches of Waupaca Area Regional Ministry as well as our community.

In addition to the choir, we had amazing performances of piano solo, piano duo, violin solo, cello solo, flute solo, tuba solo, trombone duo, soprano and tenor duo. Many people from the community came to the church and enjoyed various beautiful music. We also had a donation time during the concert. In total, 120  community members attended the concert and the total donation was $1,407. People are already looking forward to next year. A special thanks to our District Superintendent Park Hunter. We were so encouraged by his presence and blessings. Submitted by: Chris Chiyong Oh