VIM Trip to Midwest Mission Distribution Center

Twenty-four Volunteers in Mission representing Wisconsin spent the week of March 20-24 at Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Chatham, Illinois (near Springfield). The majority of the group stayed in the dormitory onsite while a few stayed in a motel just eight minutes away. All 24 participants shared three delicious meals a day prepared by a kitchen crew of 4, morning and evening devotions presented by members of the team -- and clean up duties!

Projects completed during the week included putting together 1,710 Personal Dignity Kits (Towel, washcloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and shampoo) and 288 Home Care Kits -- which included making sure the lid was on tight! Folks also helped sort through items for birthing kits, feminine hygiene kits, layette kits and student kits. Crews also spent time putting together (and taking apart) desks, repairing bikes and sewing machines, tracing patterns, counting into inventory and writing thank you notes.
A highlight for many of the participants was being present when the ninth and tenth shipments to Ukraine were sent out from Midwest Mission. Eighteen VIM'ers participated in the blessing of  Ukraine Shipment #9 on Monday, March 20. Inside the container were 37,220 rice meal bags (226,320 individual meals), 560 personal dignity kits, 140,000 pairs of food handling gloves, 3,311 pieces of clothing (socks, underwear), sporting goods, body wipes, 4500 disposable diapers, 43 blankets --for a total value of $122,440. The tenth shipment went out on Thursday and included more personal dignity kits and rice meal bags as well as 5 Minute Meals.
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