Update from the Treasurer's Office

2020 Apportionment Payments and Statements

Thank you to all the churches who have been asking how and when they can make the January on-line apportionment payment.  We have not been given the green light by our new software company and we are not using EZRA for 2020, so we are unable to take electronic payments at this time.  You are welcome to wait and make both January and February in February once the system is up.  If you would like to get your January payment in this week, please pay by check.  We are sorry for this inconvenience.

2019 Apportionment Payments and Statements

We are posting the final payments received toward 2019 and will have your Final December 31, 2019 statements sent to you in early February.  THANK YOU!

EZRA Statistical Reports

Thank you to the 23% of Wisconsin Annual Conference Churches who have already submitted their 2019 Statistical Information.  We know from the phone calls and e-mails that many (21%) have also started their reports.  Now, we need the other 56% to open the program and get started!  Congratulations to the North West district which shows 31% of the churches have completed and 22% are in progress.

I’ve enjoyed getting to talk with many church treasurers and look forward to the year ahead.  We have changed the contact e-mail on the EZRA Reports and you can e-mail directly to our Conference Statistician – Please let him know your question and he will respond with the most knowledge.  If you need immediate help on resetting a password, please contact our Treasurer’s Office at 608-837-7320.