United Methodist Children's Services Tour

Thank you to all who donated items for the Oak Creek Community UMC April Shower and Spring Women's Retreat collections for United Methodist Children's Services. Women from Tabitha and Sarah Circles loaded up the back of Bonnie's van and Pastor Heidi's truck and headed there to deliver the items. Rebecca Gregory, Director of Development and Outreach, Leah Laven-Wilson, Director of Housing and Social Services, and Bill Schmitt, Executive Director were so happy to see us and what we brought. We kept hearing the excited, "Oh look at all the laundry baskets!" When a person arrives at one of their housing units, laundry baskets are very helpful for a number of reasons. UMCS' Housing Program has 72 units in 3 apartment buildings and 20 townhomes. They plan to continue adding new units as they work to revitalize the Washington Park Community. -Submitted by Bonnie Clement  
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