The Inaugural Gathering of the Unplugged Needlework Society for Stitchers of the Cloth

The mission of the Unplugged Needlework Society is to provide an open forum for fellowship and conversation among those who are both clergy and needleworkers. We will gather in a clean, well-lit space with our unplugged needlework (knitting, crocheting, embroidery, hand sewing, and mending) between 9am and 11:30am for fellowship and midday prayer. We do not have the capacity for electric tools of any kind. Arriving after 9am is fine; our agenda is very loose since ours is a gathering in the tradition of church needlework circles since Pentecost. Show And tell will begin at 10:30am. We will conclude with midday prayer at 11:15pm. Printed liturgies will be provided, and we will sing a capella unless a volunteer guitarist raises a hand and contacts the convener, Dawn Jeffers Ramstad. Participants should bring their own beverage of choice (water, coffee, tea, soda) in lidded containers. To have lunch in the Green Lake dining room, a personal lunch reservation will need to be made with your room reservation at Green Lake Conference Center. Contact Dawn for further information at