The Faith’s Sunrise Worship Continue

On April 9, Faith UMC in Westfield hosted a Sunrise Worship in Pine Lake to celebrate Easter Sunday this year. The service was a precious time to share the good news of Jesus' resurrection with a broader community. Although it was early in the morning (6:30 am), smiles spread across people's faces as they witnessed the resurrection of Jesus in their hearts. The Sunrise Service at Pine Lake is a treasured tradition that Faith UMC has been hosting for over 70 years. It was wonderful to see worshippers who came from not only Westfield but also its surrounding areas like Oxford and Adams – from a 6-month-old baby to people in their nineties.

An ecumenical choir, composed of people from different denominations, sang “Hallelujah, Jesus Is Risen” to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For the worship, Pastor Hyunmin Lee delivered a message titled “Embrace Death” that put stress on the importance of accepting death in our daily lives in order to experience a new hope by appreciating each and every moment of life – she woke all of us up, pulling attention to that the resurrection of Jesus, which leads us to a new way of living with abundant vitality, begins when we are able to accept and embrace his death and our death. In addition, when it comes to Faith UMC’s Sunrise worship on Easter Sunday, it is Sticky Bun that concludes the joy that began from the resurrection of Jesus as an indispensable part of the worship experience. Elanie, a longtime member, has been baking Sticky Bun for Easter Sunday for a long time. Along with the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere of Pine Lake and a group of worshippers who are eager to witness the resurrection of Jesus reflected on the sunrise, Sticky Bun makes sure that the risen Jesus is sweet enough to take it. Many people are currently going through difficult and challenging times. Faith UMC hopes that in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, we all experience a time of renewal bodily and emotionally and spiritually. -Submitted by Hyunmin Lee