The Anti-Racism Task Force Introduces Participatory Theater to Address Racism

During our recent Annual Conference session in Green Bay the Anti-Racism Task Force gave their report in a very different way. Working with Dr. Amy Sarno, professor of theater at Beloit College, the Anti-Racism Task Force spent four days putting together a very short example of Participatory Theatre.  We’re hoping that you’ll join the revolution by taking a performer or Jokering workshop. Beginning on July 31, the Anti-Racism Task Force will introduce a group to the concepts and ideas of TO on Zoom. We’ll be following that meeting up with in-person trainings sessions at two different locations in August and October. Once we have a trained group of performers, we’ll begin developing scenarios that can travel around the state to congregations interested in creating an inclusive and anti-racism place of worship. To sign up, please contact Jill Nowlen at Read more about Participatory Theater