The Anti-Racism Task Force Introduces Participatory Theater to Address Racism

During our recent Annual Conference session in Green Bay the Anti-Racism Task Force gave their report in a very different way. Working with Dr. Amy Sarno, professor of theater at Beloit College, the Anti-Racism Task Force spent four days putting together a very short example of Participatory Theatre. If you were at the Annual Conference session, you may have seen the performance, if you did not attend, you may have heard about it. Now that you’ve seen or heard what it looks like, the Anti-Racism Task Force would like to offer a window into the central ideas of Participatory Theater (also known as Theatre of the Oppressed [TO])

We’re hoping that you’ll join the revolution by taking a performer or Jokering workshop. Beginning on July 31, the Anti-Racism Task Force will introduce a group to the concepts and ideas of TO on Zoom. We’ll be following that meeting up with in-person trainings sessions at two different locations in August and October. Once we have a trained group of performers, we’ll begin developing scenarios that can travel around the state to congregations interested in creating an inclusive and anti-racism place of worship. By spring, we should have some performers interested in developing their Jokering skills and we’ll find time and space to offer these opportunities. We encourage anyone – whether you’ve ever been on stage or not – to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. To sign up, please contact Jill Nowlen at
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