Thanks To All Involved In Annual Conference

Every year our Program and Arrangements Committee, along with conference staff and a host of volunteers, organizes and coordinates Annual Conference. This year was different from any in the past, so everyone ended up having to change course a couple times, then learned and took on different tasks throughout.

Huge thanks to everyone involved! These people include:  Bishop Jung (preaching, learning to record, and then presiding virtually at Clergy Session and Annual Conference session with dignity and aplomb); Kevin Rice Myers (the dozens of tasks involved in being the Conference Secretary, writing the script for Annual Conference, putting up the background banners in Room 204 and tracking, with others, all the background e-conversations during Annual Conference); Dan Dick (for writing, tracking, with others, all the background e-conversations during Annual Conference and so much other support); Steve Zekoff (onsite parliamentary wisdom and answering e-questions); Bill White (legal help and answering e-questions); Angela Ullrich (event planner and re-planner and re-re-planner and answering questions during the sessions); Kristy Yang (registrar, handling all refunds and registration finances, and question-answering during the sessions); Claudia Deede (P&A chair and coordinator of all plans and re-plans and re-re-plans) and the full P&A Committee; Jane Sommers (worship chair, coordinator of the worship services, editor of the opening and closing services including the Korean choir video and one of the short videos); Bishop Lee (preacher at the Service of Remembrance); Barbara Dick (spiritual formation guide, editor of the Service of Remembrance and two spiritual formation videos); worship coordinators:  Mulungo Mpoyo, Seong Min Kim and Rafael Cubliette, along with all worship participants); Jeremy Deaner (worship music and Ordination Service); Sun Prairie UMC with Pastor Jenny Arneson and videographer Lisa Wink for worship space and development); Jonathan Stefonek (video-coordinator, editor, communications and posting of Annual Conference session videos); Matt Horton, Chris Horton and Myunghoon Han (sessions media team); helpers with Q&A responses:  Jean Nicholas, Jim Droste, Krystal Goodger, Heidi Careaga, Dave Ogden and Jane Walters; presenters:  Jenny Arneson, Sarah Sneider, Lisa Wink, Krysta Deede, Dan Schweri, Lamarr Gibson, Afi Dobbins-Mays, Dianne Vielhuber, Jorge Mayorga, Lori Lossie, Kate Croskery Jones, Barb Certa-Werner and Deanna Shimko (also for coordinating all of Laity Session); short video creators:  Nick Coenen, Bill Schmitt, Luis Velasquez, Campus Ministers, Jim Droste, Mulungo Mpoyo, Tshishinen Mpoyo, Barbara Dick, Jane Sommers, Anita Lang, Jess Shaker, Kerri Parker, UM Foundation; Jason Horstman for IT back up help; Park Hunter for praying for all leadership throughout.

Extra thanks also go to GNTV with David Wood as the primary host of all our sessions and excellently coordinated and led training. Thank you also to the UM Foundation for an extra give as sponsor for the Annual Conference session. Of course, thanks to all the laity and clergy who participated actively and faithfully through the Sessions (and if someone who helped is omitted, I apologize and please let me (Sue D’Alessio) know).
The past few years, one person has embroidered ribbons for the Memorial Services. This year, Connie Myer (P&A member) has written a brief thanks for this person:

Judy Gomoll is one of many “behind the scene” contributors who helped make our Annual Conference a special event. She volunteered her talents to create the embroidered bookmarks for the families of our saints who were named during the Memorial Service. Judy is an active member of the Sun Prairie UMC. You usually will find her volunteering in the church office, or the kitchen and also making quilts for special recognition events celebrating church staff and members. Thank you, Judy, for creating the beautiful bookmarks!
Thank you one and all!