Successful Snow Tubing Trip at Trollhaugen with North West District Youth Council, Feb.11th, 2023

What a fantastic day we all had at Trollhaugen! Registrations slowing trickled in and then boom, the next thing I knew, we were renting 47 tubes. The tubers included children, youth, whole families and adults. Six of us adults didn’t tube; instead we took lots of pictures. The weather was just beautiful – full sun with just a slight breeze. Our North West District “group” of tubers took over most of the lodge and almost all the conveyor moving belt that took you to the top of the tubing slop. The tubers were able to tube different lanes. One lane was just for children, another lane had the tuber going over 50 miles an hour, or so it seemed and another lane was open for tubers to hook up with other tubers and create a huge tube “moving machine”. Submitted by the NW District Youth Council
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