Storm Damage At WI UMC Camps: Stories Of Faith, Safety, Resilience, And Hard Work At Our Camps

Both of our Conference Camps were hit hard by the storms which ripped through Wisconsin June 15th. Tornadoes and high winds of at least 80 mph tore through forests and communities, uprooting trees and taking down hundreds of power lines. At Lake Lucerne and Pine Lake, whole stands of trees were torn or toppled, electricity was out and the rains came hard and heavy. Even in the storms, God was present and visible in the spirits of the campers and staff and helpers. 

The camps are ready to receive help with clearing the trees. They will need chainsaw crews for the next year. There is an immediate need for rake and wheelbarrow crews to clean up the small stuff. Please contact site directors, Nick Coenen and Tanner Clark for more information. Please bring your own food and water with you as they are not set up to provide meals for everyone.

All the campers and leaders sheltered safely (at Lake Lucerne, in the downstairs dining hall and at Pine Lake, in the lower level of the Retreat Center). Even with no electricity, they turned on their flashlights, sang, worshiped together, told stories, supported each other. They emerged from their safe shelter to witness the astounding devastation of trees blocking their way and branches everywhere. And yet, God’s presence was experienced through the night. Read More
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