Statement of Gratitude from UM Children's Services of WI

Statement of Gratitude from the Executive Director of United Methodist Children’s Services of WI (UMCS), owner and operator of Parkview Apartments:

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at United Methodist Children’s Services of WI, I want to thank and recognize the outstanding work of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Departments for their quick and thorough response to the fire that occurred in our apartment building on 40th & Lisbon on Tuesday evening, December 29th. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the amazing staff and volunteers of the American Red Cross who have been so caring and professional while setting up temporary housing and finding additional support for the displaced families. The recovery effort is well underway and we hope to have all but two families moved back into their homes by this weekend. UMCS will continue to work with these two families most affected by the fire to ensure that their housing and basic needs are met until they are squarely back on their feet and can move back into their homes. We are grateful to all those who have personally reached out to offer support from the Washington Park neighborhood, from our many supporters across the United Methodist Church and from the wider Milwaukee community. Thank you and may we all have brighter days ahead in 2021.”
-    William (Bill) Schmitt, UMCS Executive Director
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United Methodist Children’s Services of WI (UMCS) is a social service and supportive housing agency located at 3940 West Lisbon Ave in the Washington Park neighborhood of Milwaukee. UMCS provides safe, quality, affordable housing in a supportive environment for low-income families in the Washington Park neighborhood.