Solomon's Helping Community Food Pantry

Solomon Community Temple UMC’s Helping Community Food Pantry was included in interviews by CBS58 News regarding Food For Families in Milwaukee.Watch the video here:

The Hunger Task Force serves the 53212 community every Thursday from 1-3pm.  We service anywhere from 12 to 15 households each week. Most are seniors, but we have a number of younger single people and larger families. Over the last three months, we served an average of 170 people. The total number being served has been ticking up with the increase in food and gas prices. This may not be a large number when compared to other larger pantries, but we are filling a niche in this community.

Solomon, though quite small, is attempting to buy some of the foods our visitors need and want. Milk, bread, butter, eggs are hard to come by, but from time-to-time Solomon members attempt to purchase these items on their own. These are not church budgeted items.  The Hunger Task Force is in great need of donations and funds to purchase food for our pantries. Currently, we're searching for foods that would complement their holiday tables. If you would like to donate, please contact Solomon Community Temple UMC at