Sleep In Heavenly Peace- Alma Center UMC

Some time ago, I was contacted by Pastor Inwha from Black River Falls United Methodist about a “bed build”.  I was skeptical and immediately thought, “I won’t drink the water next time” … but after much clarification, this was the Sleep in Heavenly Peace “bed build” for Jackson County. There are other “builds” for other areas, but this one was in our backyard! I was thinking this type of foundation, that opens doors and supplies needy children in our area with beds, is a slam dunk! I wanted to help! When I saw the flier, I then realized it was sponsored by the UMC! So, I pitched this mission to my congregation, and they were ALL IN!


We had never participated in a mission project like this before; the only requirement was you needed to wear work clothes and show up! What a turn out! Our people from UMC ALMA CENTER were there in numbers! We only had half a day and we made some 48 bunk beds!! This was a huge success; one of our first post pandemic church activities! We even had three generations from one family working there! What an awesome day! I am now looking and discerning our next community activity.  We are alive and working in the Kingdom here in the small town UMC Alma Center! -Submitted by Jonathan McHann