Ripon Immanuel Church Congregation Comes Together to Present Passion Play

"A passion play: 'As I Have Done for You' was presented by the congregation at Ripon Immanuel Church on Palm Sunday. The event had nearly 275 people attend with performances at 10am and 7pm on Sunday, April 10, 2022. The play, based on a script written and directed by the church’s praise worship leader, Christina Muenchow, featured her husband, electric guitar-playing Al Muenchow, in the role of Jesus Christ and included a cast of nearly 40 from the congregation and community. It included song selections such as “Put Your Hand in the Hand”, “As I Have Done for You”, “Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross”, and “O Praise the Name (Anastasis)” among others, and told the story of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, his teachings, his arrest, his death, and his resurrection and even included songs from “Jesus Christ Superstar”. 

When Christina Muenchow presented the idea of performing a musical passion play on Palm Sunday, the congregation didn’t hesitate to join in. From performers, to musicians, costume and set designers and sound/video technicians, many were needed to bring Muenchow’s vision to life in just a few short weeks. “It brought people from multiple generations together in one cast and crew and because it’s a passion play, it can help people with their faith — both people who are on the edge of their faith and those who are already more deeply involved in their faith,” Muenchow said. “Those who attended were given an opportunity to recognize their own place in the story and Passion of Jesus this Holy Week”, Muenchow stated. Christina and Al Muenchow lead the praise worship service at Ripon Immanuel Church in Ripon each Sunday morning at 10 am. For those who missed the performance, the recording can be viewed at