Returning to Worship Amid COVID-19

The United Methodist Church COVID-19 Task Team and community health partners offer the following resources, including shareable and post-able graphics, to help your local church community stay safe as we transition from shelter-at-home to full in-person church services.

Steps to Reopening - Safely returning to our normal habits will not happen overnight and we are bound to have setbacks. In three phases, the COVID-19 Task Team shows our path to returning to in-person services, how we can keep each other safe and our options along the way.

 Worship Checklist - With this form you can be sure that you have taken all the necessary steps to protect worshippers and event participants, and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Red Flags and Risk Factors - Before you consider attending in-person services or events, know the warning signs of infection and if you may be among those for whom COVID-19 may be especially dangerous.

Conference Guidelines for Reopening Buildings - Help staff, parishioners and visitors stay healthy and safe by making a plan for those coming through your doors and keeping control over your church's spaces.