Racial Ethnic Clergy Summit 2023

Bishop Jung hosted a gathering of close to 70 racial-ethnic clergy from the Wisconsin Conference to share stories and experiences of serving in cross-racial, cross-cultural appointments and of living in Wisconsin. The Summit began with Bishop Jung leading a Bible study on Acts 15:1-40, which included reflections about his own experiences early in his ministry in Wisconsin. Other presenters were Mary Council Austin (Where I Came From), Tsuker Yang (Where I Intend to Go), Pyung Ahn Peace Kim (Where the World Calls Me), Amanda Stein (Group Exercise for Visioning and Mentoring), Ebenezer Insor (Better Together in our Leadership Journey), and concluded with an open conversation with Bishop Jung. 

This event was deeply appreciated by all who attended. Several clergy responded with their affirmations of the time together: “I valued meeting and building relationships with other clergy members from similar racial and ethnic backgrounds which provided a sense of community and support, and helped attendees feel less isolated. We developed an understanding of different cultures, worldviews, and communication styles that are incredibly valuable for clergy members who work with diverse congregations.” “I valued the time to get connected and acquainted with each other, along with the safe and comfortable collegiality environment to name our concerns and share our passions.” Several participants valued “the open conversation with Bishop Jung.” Another expressed that they valued “sharing and discussing the issues that come from the similar ministerial experience, understanding together deeper issues, dreaming and visioning together for the future, showing God's kingdom in action.”