Pizza & Proverbs Summer Series, Anchors of Hope Ministry, Emerald, WI

At Anchor of Hope we have taken on some fresh expressions and one is Pizza and Proverbs which has warped into Bibles and Burgers for the summer. During Bible and Burgers we go to the local park with our bible and enjoy in pizza party or burgers/picnic. During this time we discuss our current bible app study and share our favorite Bible verse or Jesus story from the week. The remainder of the time is used to build relationship and serve our community. We have fed hungry kids playing in the park and offered free water on hot days. We have pulled weeds in the local park flower garden, picked up garbage, picked up sticks and prayed for our community together. We have used this time to do a prayer walk through our community.

The 2 loaves and 2 fishes story was seen numerous times when we would purchase two large pizzas from the bar across the street and the waitress would walk them over to us. We would then in turn feed our entire group (10) and the extra kids/families playing in the park would grab pizza too. Sometimes there was still extra pizza to bring back to the church for those attending the regular service at Anchor of Hope. One time there was even almost full pizza left over and everyone left full. God is Great! -Submitted by Heather Greene