Paper Cranes and Prayers for Ukraine

On Sunday, March 27th the congregation at Portage United Methodist Church began their effort to make 1000 origami peace cranes by Easter. Yes, less than 1 month away! The focus was not only on making the cranes but praying for the people of Ukraine in the process of the folding the cranes. The simple prayer: "This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world." was shared as an example. 

Shortly after announcing our goal of 1000 prayers and cranes, two anonymous donors pledged to donate $1 for each crane made with all money going for Ukrainian aid. We are currently at 663 cranes strung and hung. We believe we will make our goal by Easter. Most importantly this endeavor has led to a common focus for our congregation, after a difficult time during Covid, along with a way for all to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. We are so blessed, and it is one small way for us to share our thoughts, prayers and time to make a small difference for others.