Oak Creek Community United Methodist Church Hosts Successful Apportionment Pie Social

On Sunday, August 13, 48 members of Oak Creek Community United Methodist Church (OCCUMC) enjoyed delicious pie while learning more about the United Methodist Church’s apportionments system. Following worship service, attendees were invited to choose from eleven flavors of pies and settle in for a spirited discussion about what apportionments are and how they help us serve our neighbors both locally and also globally.

Four pie charts with removable pie slices were created, with each piece representing a different ministry benefitting from apportionment giving. As each topic was further explored, attendees attached the corresponding slice to the charts, thereby completing the pie. A fifth chart showed our congregation’s budgeted apportionment amount as well as how much has been collected to date. This fifth chart will be updated monthly, to help our congregation see our progress toward 100% payment. A freewill offering taken that day raised $444 for apportionments! In addition to being a great fundraiser, this event encouraged fellowship and allowed people to better understand how our church fits into the larger connectional system. Read more