New COVID Info for Pastors, Parishioners and Musicians

The Wisconsin United Methodist Church COVID-19 Taskteam has updated recommendations and resources to give a clearer idea of hazards and effective protection during worship and other in-person activities, such as live music performance. Resource summaries are provided by Dr. Lance Peterson.

Considerations for Communities of Faith
This update from the CDC is a new guide for helping Communities of Faith decide how to best practice their beliefs while keeping staff and congregations safe.  Key recommendations include promoting healthy hygiene practices, encourage use of masks among staff and congregants, intensify cleaning and disinfection, improving ventilation, and promote distancing at services or other gatherings. 
International Coalition of Performing Arts Aerosol Study Report
This report was generated as a guide for determination of the risk level when participating in performing arts activities and is suggested to be used with other sources in this determination.  The report is based on work using a simulation of aerobic activity and did not use live virus in its research.  The preliminary conclusions were that for safe performance masks should be worn, including bell covers on wind instruments, 6-foot distancing should be maintained, indoor performance should be limited to 30 minutes, air changes for rooms should be increased and air filtration improved, and good hygiene is to be practiced.