NCC Fundraiser Spreads Message Against Racism

The National Council of Churches is fundraising and encouraging COVID protection through a face mask sale. The mask design highlights the NCC's ACT (Awaken, Confront, Transform) Now to End Racism campaign.

All funds raised will go directly to National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA. Purchases will support NCC's work to increase awareness of the effects of systemic racism and White supremacy. Help the NCC continue to develop and share resources for ending racism. Wearing the mask creates awareness and shows support for reforms in policing and criminal justice, in banking and housing practices, in education and employment, and countless other aspects of systemic racism.

Wear this mask to signify our belief that none of us can be free when any one of us is suffering and dying because of racism, racial and economic disparities, or the pandemic. Wear it to show that we must love each other as Christ has instructed us. Wear it to signify that NCC’s ecumenical vision has always included an active commitment to justice and we have power in our unity.

Click here to order your mask and learn more about A.C.T. to End Racism.