March 30, 2021 - WI Conference ENews: Holy Week & Easter Resources, Mission Resources, Jason Moore Webinar

Conference News


Bishop's Offer Holy Week Devotionals

The Council of Bishops is offering daily devotions during Holy Week, culminating into the Good Friday message by COB President Cynthia Fierro Harvey.  The devotions include a video testimony and journal page for discussion.  Read More

 Virtual Easter Concert Now Available!

Discipleship Ministries has brought together over 400 singers from different countries, congregations, and communities!  Download and watch the video now.  Feel free to use in your Easter services.  Thine Be The Glory is an Easter celebration hymn that transcends time and cultures.  Read More


Day by day guide to Holy Week
The United Methodist Communications Team invites you to journey through the sacred events of Holy Week that lead us to Jesus' Resurrection on Easter in this new devotional series written by United Methodist pastors.   Read More


Deadline for Submitting 2020 Rainbow Covenant Report is March 31, 2021

The deadline for submitting your church's 2020 Rainbow Covenant Report is March 31.  Please send your report to Rainbow Covenant Coordinator Gail Burgess now.  If you cannot find the form, you may use the 2021 form that is on the Conference Website on the Board of Global Ministries page.  Click here to learn more.


5 Things Your Visitors are Thinking but Won't Ask - Webinar with Jason Moore

It's been said that every church wants to grow. If that statement is true, are we really poised for it in the way we treat and attend to our new visitors? Join us for this Virtual Event held on April 13, 2021 from 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM.  Read More

Mission News & Information


Sister Church in Bolivia In Need of Motorcycles

Pastor Anita Lang serves as the Chair of the Partnership between the Wisconsin Conference and The Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia.  A new project has begun to to purchase four motorcycles that will help the pastors to reach out to the communities far from the cities, bring resources for the communities and assist them in their spiritual life.  To learn how you can help, please click here.  You can also give by visiting the Conference website at and clicking on the "2021 Annual Conference Offerings" button on the home page. 



"Still in Mission" - Zoom Meeting April 1, 2021
With Covid-19 in full swing, we still have to do what we can to support our Missionaries in the field.  To that end Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church is inviting you to attend a Zoom Conference with a few selected Missionaries in the next month and to follow-up with your Missions Committee and other Church Groups reaching out to Missionaries of your choice to Support with your Prayers and monetary support through a Covenant Relationship and/or Project Support.  Read More

Mission Volunteer Discovery Events 

The Mission Volunteer office of Global Ministries is offering virtual mission discovery events in 2021 for anyone interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and around the world.  Read More

Wisconsin Conference United Methodist Women - Mission U

Mission u 2021 is on zoom this year. Everyone is encouraged to be part of the discussion that this year’s studies will bring forward.
Continuing Education Credit – The three adult studies offered this year can be taken for credit.  More details about the zoom classes are at:
Mission u

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