Judicial Council Rules on Bishop Jung’s Decision of Law

Judicial Council Rules on Bishop Jung’s Decision of Law
From United Methodist News Service and Wisconsin Annual Conference reports

In Decision 1459, released March 1, 2023, the Judicial Council affirmed the part of Bishop Hee-Soo Jung’s decision of law that supported the Wisconsin Conference’s church disaffiliation process. The Question of Law concerning six aspects of the Wisconsin Conference Disaffiliation Policy adopted by the 2022 Annual Conference was raised at that session by a conference clergy member.

The Wisconsin Conference requires a disaffiliating church to “explain how the current Discipline or actions or inactions of the annual conference have affected the mission and unity of the congregation.”

Bishop Jung said the requirement “provides a framework consistent with Paragraph 2553 to explore the congregation’s relationship to The United Methodist Church and whether that relationship gives rise to an application of Paragraph 2553.” The Judicial Council agreed with the bishop’s reasons.

However, the church court deferred ruling on another part of Bishop Jung’s decision dealing with disaffiliating clergy’s credentials until more information is submitted.

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