How To Submit Special Giving Checks To WI Annual Conference

When submitting either personal or church checks to the finance office for special giving, please make sure all checks are written out to Wisconsin Annual Conference (or “WAC” for short works too).  If checks are for special giving, note in the memo line what fund it is to be applied to.  Any checks that are made out to anything else (for example UMCOR) can’t be deposited by the conference or tracked.  We have been forwarding them directly, but have run into issues with checks getting lost, not getting cashed, etc.  If we can’t deposit donations, we can’t track them or give churches the credit on the apportionment statements for special giving donations.  We also have a way of tracking personal donations given through the conference but don’t have that ability when we forward these checks. 
Since we have run into issues lately with checks not being accounted for outside of the conference, the finance office will start returning checks if they are not made out correctly to the conference, either to the church or to individual donors to have the check re-written. 
If you ever have any questions on special giving fund numbers, please call the finance office at 608-837-7320 or email