How Are Your Apportionment Dollars Spent?

In an effort to simplify the 2023 apportionment statements, we left off the allocation of how the apportionment dollars are divided between our major budget areas.  If you would like to calculate this out for your church, you can use the following percentages.  We show both 2023 and 2022 below for comparison.  Based upon the number of churches who have requested this information, we will put it back on the statement when we notify you of your 2024 apportionment.
Budget Area                                                             2023                               2022

Local Congregational Development 29.57% 28.60%
Global Connectional Ministries 23.63% 26.06%
Clergy & Lay Leadership   8.81%   9.33%
Connectional Ministries 32.53% 31.36%
Conference Support Ministries   5.46%   4.65%
Total 100% 100%

We mailed the notification of the 2023 apportionments to each church in September 2023.  IF you cannot locate your letter or need a copy of this, please contact the Treasurer –