Harmony Choir's Wonderful First Rehearsal

The Harmony Choir met for the first time at Columbus UMC on Monday, March 20th,  with more than 20 members in attendance. Pastor David Kim said “I could see our heart and passion for praising God together. I felt it’s the kind of hope God wants to give us. God made us a family through music in terms of praising God.” 

2023 Plans

  • Perform 2 Special Musical Selections at the Annual Conference Ordination Service
  • Fall Concert in November
Next Rehearsal
  • April 17th at 11:00 am at Portage UMC
  • May 22nd at 11:00 am at Portage UMC
All pastors (including retired pastors) and/or Pastor's spouses are welcome to join us. For questions or more information, please contact: 
   - The WAC Harmony Choir: wac.harmonychoir@gmail.com
   - Executive Director: Rev. David Kim (kdavidkim@naver.com 253-335-7480)
   - Music Director: Rev. Sangwook Park (hodiecond11@gmail.com 847-344-3667)

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