Harmony Choir's Second Rehearsal

Even though the weather was tough and some members were gone on vacation, God sent some new faces to our second rehearsal that took place at Crossroads UMC. 22 members gathered and enjoyed praising God, fellowship, and had a wonderful time. Crossroads UMC provided a beautiful sanctuary and delicious, healthy food for us. We practiced 5 songs (including a vocal lesson) focusing on the two songs (Halleluyah and Prayer of St. Francis') for the upcoming Ordination Service led by our great director, Rev. Sangwook Park. He always lets us sing in joy. 

As you know, we have the same mind, spirit, and same goal in terms of praising God together even though we are from different countries, cultures, and races. Please continue to pray and support us so that we may keep up the good works. 

Upcoming Rehearsals:

   - May 22nd (Monday) at 11:00 am at Columbus UMC
   - June 10th (Saturday) at 8:00 – 10:00 pm at KI Convention Center with the Pastors and Lay members who signed up to sing during the Ordination Service

A lunch follows the rehearsals. A group vocal lesson is open for whoever registers. Any pastor (including retired pastors) and/or Pastor's spouses are welcome to join us.

For questions or more information, contact Harmony Choir via:
The WAC Harmony Choir: wac.harmonychoir@gmail.com
Executive Director- Rev. David Kim (kdavidkim@naver.com 253-335-7480)
Music Director- Rev. Sangwook Park (hodiecond11@gmail.com 847-344-3667)