Groat Grants Help Jacksonport UMC & Mauston UMC

The Groat grant awarded to Jacksonport United Methodist Church helped support reconstruction of the handicapped ramp. The old ramp was over 25 years old and in dismal shape. The new ramp is made of plastic polymer and will be good for up to 50 years. The new tread has a ridged pattern, so it should not be slippery on a rainy day. Thank you for the contribution from the Groat Rural Ministry Grant.

The Mauston United Methodist Church was awarded a $10,000 Groat Grant in 2018 for an Elevator addition project.  It took another 18 months to complete the project and have it fully operational. The elevator has made it possible to host a gently used/re-purposing clothing give-away program year round, as well as provide a community meeting place for 3 AA groups, 1 NA Group, and 1 AL anon group.  The prayer room and other classrooms are now accessible and being used often during the week. As a result of the elevator, Mauston UMC has been able to carry out creative ministry during the pandemic and help the least and marginalized, when no other community places were available. The Groat grant got Mauston UMC spurred on to raising the necessary funds to make this project possible and completely funded with no loan. Thank you!