Finance Newsletter - December 2021

Notes from your Conference Treasurer
Can it really be the end of 2021 already??

2021 is nearly over and it has been another “unprecedented” year, of unusual activity and new challenges.  And through it all, churches found new ways to reach their members, try new programs, stay safe and stay financially viable. I thank you for your commitment to the financial well - being of your local church, your community and the Conference during the past challenging year. 
There is a lot of information to share with you as we plan for year end and the new year.  Hopefully, the information in this newsletter will be helpful to your church leadership.
Sarah Sneider
Conference Treasurer & Director of Administration
Apportionment Module Icon 22021 Apportionments Need to arrive by Wednesday, January 12th
Thank you for your apportionment payments for 2021! Through November 30, we received ­64% of the Gross Apportionments billed to churches for 2021. Our goal for 2021 is 79% and we are on target to achieve this.  We typically receive 15-18% of our annual income in December and the first 2 weeks of January as churches make their final payments toward the prior year apportionment.  If your church is able, we hope that you can fulfill your apportionment. Your generosity is appreciated! You may send in your final giving by mail to arrive in our office by noon on January 12, or until 5 pm through the Ministry Financial website  .  Click here for instructions if you are interested in making your payments and special gifts electronically.  Note that you can also see your apportionment statements and health/pension billing statements on this website and make any donations to advances/special giving.  We ask churches to hold their 2022 apportionment payments to pay electronically after January 12.  Starting January 13, all apportionments received will be recorded as 2022 activity.
2022 Apportionment notices had an error in the letter
Many of you noticed that we had an error in the 2022 Apportionment statements that were sent to each church.  The following is incorrect:

Total Conference Membership is 51,079, the adjusted membership is after 25 members are deducted for each church.  The adjusted number should have been 40,952.  The actual calculation of your apportionment is correct.  We just put the wrong number in the word document.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
What should your church do about deposits received the last week of the month?
Your counters may only come in once per week and the way the holidays and weekends fall this year means you may have many year end checks that arrive after your Monday count.  Friday, December 31, 2021 is the last day of the month.  You could have your counters come in for a deposit that day.  OR you may divide the deposit made the first week of January into what is dated for 2021 and what was received and dated in 2022.  You can make two separate deposits, one dated 12/31/21, which will be an outstanding deposit in transit and the other recorded on the day it is deposited in 2022.

Ezra32021 Statistical Reports will be on EZRA again and due 2/28/21
Each year United Methodist Churches complete Statistical Reports which compiles data on Membership and Participation (Table #1), Church Assets and Expenses (Table #2), and Church Income (Table #3) for the entire denomination. The year-end reporting will continue to be done through the Ezra website. Login information will be sent in January.  Our Conference Statistician Donald Cramer and Conference Treasurer Sarah Sneider will be offering several Zoom webinars to walk through the statistical report and answer any questions/share common problems.  These statistics are our primary tool to track membership and expenses of our churches and this information will be used to calculate the 2023 Apportionment.   Don and his wife are expecting their first child this summer, so we hope to get statistics in early and correct.  Your help in submitting accurate and timely statistics by February 28, 2022 is greatly appreciated.  Please select one of the following for training:

January 5th at 12:00 pm:  Registration
January 5th at 6:00 pm:  Registration

February 2nd at 12:00 pm:  Registration
February 2nd at 6:00 pm: Registration
Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation offering clergy tax workshop in January
The Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation’s Clergy Tax Workshop is designed to assist you in the preparation of your 2021 Federal and Wisconsin state income tax filings. This year's tax workshop will be both in-person, at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church, and virtual. James Tarp, a tax consultant with Mennenga Tax & Financial Service will facilitate.  Feel free to bring your tax returns, which you can finish filling out during the workshop. If you are a church treasurer and have questions about clergy taxes or tax forms, this workshop could be informative to you as well.
This workshop is made possible through a grant from a bequest from the Rev. Carl Berry and is provided at no cost to the Wisconsin Conference or to apportionments.
Registration closes on January 17. Register here:

Groat Grant Applications accepted for each quarterly Trustee meeting
The Board of Trustees of the Conference has funds still available from the Groat Grants to assist rural churches with Minimum Standards and Accessibility grants.  The Trustees meet quarterly January, April, July and October.  Grant applications are reviewed, and each meeting and funds are distributed within 2 weeks of approval.  Please click below for more information:

Grants - Wisconsin Conference of the UMC (
IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2022 have not yet been released
The IRS has not yet released its mileage rates for 2022 so it remains at .56 cents per mile for business use18 cents per mile for medical and moving and 14 cents per mile driver in service of charitable organizations.  Your church may choose the amount to be used, not to exceed this level.

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