Finance Newsletter - January 2022

Welcome to 2022
from your Conference Treasurer

I have a sign on my wall that reads:
How to find happiness….

  1. Inhale
  2. Exhale
  3. Be grateful
  4. Repeat

I hope each of you were able to take some time during the holidays to find happiness and moments of peace.  Thank you for all you do for your church in your leadership roles.  I wanted to start the year out with some news about upcoming training and items to put on your 2022 calendar. The Finance department is here to help with any of your questions.  Please feel free to call or e-mail.
Sarah Sneider
Conference Treasurer & Director of Administration



Is your treasurer changing as of 1/1/22?

This finance newsletter goes out to all clergy, treasurers, finance chairs, office administrators and anyone who has specifically subscribed to the newsletter.  If you are no longer in one of these roles, please let us know the change and who is new in these positions. We are encouraging churches to make their own updates in the Church Dashboard, however, if you need our help, please let us know.  You may select to unsubscribe by clicking the link on the bottom of the newsletter.  But we do need to know the new person.

How to check your 2021 Apportionments/Special gifts, 2022 apportionments and see your medical/pension billing

Ministry Financials is the on-line method for local churches to see their apportionment statements and medical/pension billing statements.  Once you log in, the statements available for viewing are on the right side.  You can also see on the opening page the amount due against your 2021 apportionment.  Please verify that we have posted your payments correctly and let us know if you see any corrections needed.  If you have not used this software before, Click here for instructions. 

How to prepare Clergy W-2’s and Calculate the pension amounts for payroll

Instructions are available on the Conference website for preparing clergy W-2’s and calculating the pension amounts:
Here is the link for the Instructions to Prepare a Clergy W-2
Here are the instructions for calculating Clergy Pensions (UMPIP, CRSP and CPP)

January 12 is the last day to make your 2021 apportionment or special gift payments

For those churches who would still like to send apportionments and special gifts for 2021, we will accept all giving received by mail which arrive in our office by noon on January 12, or until 5 pm through the Ministry Financial website
Starting on January 13, all payments received will be posted toward 2022.  Please contact Lisa Adler at if you have questions on using this software or call our office at 608-837-7320.
We ask churches to delay keying their 2022 electronic apportionment payments until after January 12.  Starting January 13, all apportionments received will be recorded as 2022 activity.

2021 Statistical Reports will be on EZRA again and due 2/28/22

We know some churches like to get started as soon as possible with their statistical reporting and others will wait until February.  To meet your needs, we are offering four training session with our Conference Statistician Donald Cramer and Conference Treasurer Sarah Sneider to walk through the statistical report and answer any questions/share common problems.  If you have any questions in advance, please e-mail
Please select one of the following for training:
January 12th at 12:00 pm:  Registration
January 12th at 6:00 pm:  Registration
February 2nd at 12:00 pm:  Registration
February 2nd at 6:00 pm: Registration
These statistics are our primary tool to track membership and expenses of our churches and this information will be used to calculate the 2023 Apportionment. 
Basic instructions for those ready to get started:

  • To get to the EZRA website:  Ezra - Login (
  • Log-in: GCFA 6-digit number.    Password: stats2021
  • The forms are the same as last year


Don't Wait, Get Your Federal Tax Exemption Letter! 

Did you know that, as a United Methodist ministry, it is easy to get a letter proving your tax-exempt status – without applying directly to the Internal Revenue Service? The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA), and sister agency to (GBHEM), United Methodist Women, and others, have received a “group ruling” designation from the IRS.

Basically, an umbrella or central organization (GCFA) takes over some of the administrative functions that would normally fall to a backlogged IRS, so that subordinate organizations, like United Methodist camps, churches, and other ministries can apply to the central organization for inclusion in their group. What that means for you is that, rather than applying directly to the IRS, you can apply online easily and quickly through GCFA. GCFA, rather than the IRS, will check your documentation and issue a letter of inclusion – meaning that you are included in the overall United Methodist group ruling for tax exemption.

Don't wait. Recently the IRS issued notice that it may change the group ruling policy. While we don’t know when those changes may take place, it is quick and easy to get a letter of inclusion in the denominational group ruling currently, so act quickly, before any changes take place.

There are a couple of important things to note: The online form is very straightforward for local United Methodist churches and the local church can quickly get its letter at the below link.  For ministries that are affiliated as United Methodist organizations, such as a church, child care program, or a summer camp, the organization must have its own EIN, board, and organizing documents. Also, this tax exemption verifies your federal status and does not affect any state tax ruling.
You can visit to get started.

Apply for my Tax Exemption Letter ?
Frequently Asked Questions ?


Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation offering clergy tax workshop in January

The Wisconsin United Methodist Foundation’s Clergy Tax Workshop is designed to assist you in the preparation of your 2021 Federal and Wisconsin state income tax filings. This year's tax workshop will be both in-person, at Sun Prairie United Methodist Church, and virtual. James Tarp, a tax consultant with Mennenga Tax & Financial Service will facilitate.  Feel free to bring your tax returns, which you can finish filling out during the workshop. If you are a church treasurer and have questions about clergy taxes or tax forms, this workshop could be informative to you as well.
This workshop is made possible through a grant from a bequest from the Rev. Carl Berry and is provided at no cost to the Wisconsin Conference or to apportionments.
Registration closes on January 17. Register here:

IRS Standard Mileage Rates for 2022 has been raised to 58.5 cents

Just after the last Finance newsletter, the IRS released its mileage rates for 2022 and increased the business use from 56 cents per mile to 58.5 per mile. Medical and moving increased from 16 to 18 cents per mile and charitable mileage stayed at 14 cents per mile.  Your church may choose the amount to be used, not to exceed this level.  The Conference policy is to use the IRS rate for our employees.

Church Law and Tax summary of taxes and important January 2022 Tax Dates

This publication provides useful information for churches and conferences. Here is a link to a current article entitled January 2022 – Important Church Tax Dates to Note.  This covers W-2’s, 1099’s and 1099 NEC’s as well as quarterly taxes for clergy.  Key Tax Dates January 2022 | Church Law & Tax (

IRS Publication 1828 – Tax Guide for Churches & Religious Organizations

Publication 1828 from the IRS is full of useful information for church accountants.  Here is a link to this publication  Publication 1828 (Rev. 8-2015) (  Questions we typically get asked start on page 21 – Social Security and Unemployment, withholding tax for ministers, parsonage and housing allowance and other tax information for churches

Bolivia Motorcycle project (Fund 430S)

We have received $24,180 for this project through December 31, 2021, and the first motorcycle has been purchased.  Motorcycles 2 and 3 are in process. There will be a video and more information once the motorcycle has been delivered and in use.  Thank you for your support.  We will give an update on all funds received in 2021 after we “close” the books on 2021 giving January 12.


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